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Damian joined the Australian Army in 2001 as an Avionics Technician and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2006. He then traveled extensively throughout the world before beginning his filmmaking career. He uses these experiences to tell unique and authentic stories that can make a difference.


Since 2011 he’s worked on a large slate of commercials, music videos and online video marketing productions, as well as creative short and feature films.


He is an accomplished cinematographer with a number of films credited to him, including a post apocalyptic film called GUNPOWDER and indie features ASHBURN WATERS, ALICE and BLISS OF EVIL (In Post-Production). His films have screened in international film festivals and taken out numerous awards.


He is also the owner/operator of his own production company, Iron Forge Pictures. His feature film directorial debut THE LOST ONE was in 2020.


Always staying busy, in 2021 he wrote four feature length scripts and directed his second feature, GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT in 2022.

Damian is currently in talks to create his newest script, an Aussie comedy called THE STREAK. He's also adapting GUNPOWDER to become a graphic novel.

In 2016, Damian discovered a love for teaching and has been teaching filmmaking on and off since. He hopes to inspire the next generation of filmmakers and encourage them to follow their dreams and have fulfilling careers.

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