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After fleeing a never-ending war, a disillusioned soldier seeks refuge in the town of Gunpowder, only to find it overrun by demons. Now he must venture into the abandoned mines and send them back to hell, before they can spread beyond the town’s border.

After being unfairly dismissed, two down-on-their-luck misfits break into their former bosses house to get petty revenge. What starts out as harmless fun quickly leads to a bloody night of death and destruction that no one might survive.

Two Aussie larrikins make a bet to streak at the Cricket World Cup.



The coming-of-age story of Stevie, and his two best friends Arji and Moe, who deal the consequences of police brutality. Anger and hate threaten to consume them, despite having their whole lives ahead.


On the run since the death of her parents, psychic Hope Roger’s solitary life is disrupted by the arrival of two violent brothers.

Promised the money that can save his son’s life, a former streetfighter must fight his way through the violent New York streets to deliver a kidney to a brutal mob boss.

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