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A sound engineer is forced to confront her trauma when she and her girlfriend's grunge band are trapped in a recording studio by a shadowy killer.

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Filmed over 12 days in 2021 in Brisbane during the height of the pandemic, this microbudget feature as since screened at 14 international festivals and taken out numerous awards.


Best Feature – Creature Feature Weekend 2023

Best Feature – Horrific Hope 2023

Best Performance by a Lead (Sharnee Tones) – Horrific Hope 2023

Best Horror Film – Scream Queen Film Festival 2023

Best Performance by a Male Actor (Corrie Hinschen) – Scream Queen 2022

Best International Film – That Thing in the Basement 2022

Josh Morris  | Writer/Director/Producer

Joshua makes his feature film directorial debut with “Bliss of Evil.”

Born and raised on the Gold Coast, Australia, Joshua is a lifelong lover and student of film.

Following in the footsteps of many of his film making idols, Joshua self-funded several small film projects to learn on the job and hone his craft. Having made a handful of shorts, a TV pilot and penning an adaptation of an autobiography, Joshua decided to make the leap and write, direct and produce his first feature film alongside the team at Pieces of Work Productions.

Lauren Shaw  | Producer

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Dr Lauren Shaw (PhD) has been passionate about film since childhood. She loves stories that show the complexities of human behaviour and took serious steps towards pursuing a career in acting.


However, while life took Lauren in a different direction, her fascination with human behaviour and love of film never left. In 2016, she was awarded a PhD in psychology and has forged a career researching social psychological predictors of human aggression and antisocial behaviour.


Lauren remains a massive film fan, with a particular love of the horror/thriller genre, and hopes to explore her research themes in the films she produces. 


Along with her producing partners, she hopes to provide and explore opportunities for women in film within Australia.

Corrie Hinschen  | Producer/Writer/Songwriter/Actor

Corrie Hunschen.jpg

Corrie is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter who has played in a number of local and international bands, and recorded his own original songs.

A lifelong horror fan,  and avid Asian cinema lover, Corrie  began working for the TVN network in Hong Kong and South Korea in 2018 where he hosted the television show “Discover TVN Movies” which ran for one season.  He also worked as the advisor for the Special Edition Blu-Ray release of Kim Jee-woon’s “A Bittersweet Life”.

“Bliss of Evil” marks Corrie's acting debut as the character ‘BLOODFACE’.

Damian Hussey  | Cinematographer/Co-Producer


"Bliss of Evil" marks Damian's third feature as the Cinematographer, which have all had horror themes.

Having just completed directing his feature film debut, "The Lost One", Damian was keen to take on the challenge of filming a contained microbuget film with a high concept.

Damian is drawn to stories containing complicated characters and social commentaries. "Bliss of Evil" delivers on all fronts.

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