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We're currently well into illustrating and coloring the first issue of Gunpowder.

So, what's it about?

After fleeing a never-ending war, a disillusioned soldier seeks refuge in the town of Gunpowder, only to find it overrun by demons. Now he must venture into the abandoned mines and confront the priest who summoned them and send them back to hell, before they can spread beyond the town’s border.

The easiest way to describe it is; imagine Mad Max fighting demons!

Check out the concept trailer we shot for the feature length screenplay.

The story follows Jacob. He's on his way home from war when he becomes trapped in the town of Gunpowder. The plan is to break the story into three distinct chapters, each consisting of five issues. So far, the first five issues have been fully written.


Gunpowder issue #1 will be available late 2023.


Damian Hussey - Writer

This is Damian's first go at creating a graphic novel and has used the Gunpowder screenplay as a blueprint to map out the story.

He hopes the world of Gunpowder can be expanded onto other platforms such as games and animation.

L.A Keim - Co-Writer

L.A Keim is the Co-owner and Lead Writer at Free Fall Comics and is adding the finishing touches to the Gunpowder script.

With a rich background in film and storytelling, L.A Keim is deeply passionate about his craft.

His stories, which sometimes venture into twisted and unconventional territories, have cultivated a dedicated cult following. L.A Keim's ability to captivate and engage readers with his imaginative storytelling sets him apart as a true visionary in the world of comics.

Riccardo Faccini - Illustrator

Once again Riccardo Faccini teams up with Free Fall Comics for yet another masterpiece of storytelling this time being his 2nd journey with the us.

Riccardo Faccini's artistic prowess was a key factor in the success and accolades received by Roundhouse Hooligans and The Darkest Shade. Additionally, he has lent his skills to notable ventures such as COMICS2MOVIES, contributing to their remarkable series, Fractured Shards.

Daniel Junior - Colorist

Starting his career as a civil servant, Daniel Junior has spent the past five years dedicating his career to the art of digital coloring.

A substantial portion of his portfolio comprises of domestic and original creations. He has also notably collaborated with Frew Publications based in Australia.

M Scott Russell - Letterer

During his childhood, M. Scott Russell was consumed by a love for drawing. He effortlessly conjured up an array of creations, ranging from fresh comic book characters to picturesque landscapes; a true aficionado of artistic expression. His profound joy lay in the act of creation itself. What intrigued him most were ventures that offered innovative perspectives – the art of transforming the old into the new.

Brian kerr - Editor

The other half of Free Fall Comics and also known as Brizey, Brian is a self-proclaimed "long time listener, first time caller" to the world of comics. With a love for reading and a dark wicked sense of humor, he possesses a keen eye for detail, a love of storytelling, and a passion for creating.

It was this combination of skills and interests that led him on a collision course with L.A Keim, resulting in the birth of Free Fall Comics.


All Characters.png



Weary from fighting in a pointless war, Jacob abandons the fight to return home. On the way he becomes trapped in Gunpowder.


Jacob's older and more conscientious brother, made the choice to remain home when the world fell apart.
Despite lacking military training, Michael courageously journeyed overseas to locate Jacob and clandestinely bring him back.



Olivia grew up in the small town of Black Rock, with Jacob and Michael. She’s an optimist who tries to see the best in any situation. After disease swept through her home town, Olivia left to find medication but became trapped in Gunpowder.

Ezra 2.png


Growing up in Gunpowder, Ezra fell into the Priesthood. Since the world started to crumble, she has become corrupted by demonic forces.


Trip Ella.png

Trip, a devoted single father, is determined to find a secure haven for his daughter, Ella. Despite the challenging circumstances they face, Trip holds steadfast in his belief in the inherent goodness of humanity due to his former life as a Priest. He understands the importance of remaining resilient for Ella's well-being.

Amidst the numerous hardships they encounter, Ella shines as a beacon of positivity in a world shrouded in darkness. Her free-spirited nature compels her to seek out the silver linings in every situation. Ella's radiant presence serves as the guiding light that helps Trip navigate his path forward.


Caleb was born to live his life during the apocalypse. He’s ruthless and knows how to get what he wants. He rules by intimidation with his brother Spider.


Ange is Caleb’s right hand and has watched on as he has slipped further into barbarity. She wishes there was another way to live but will do what she needs to survive.


Molly has been forced to look after her young brother, Zach, from a young age. The responsibility wears down on her and she hopes they have finally found sanctuary in Gunpowder.


Olivia, Herc in mine.png


Gunpowder last day.jpg
Gunpowder stunts.jpg
Gunpowder Poster.jpg

The trailer has screened in festivals around the world and taken out awards. The script was a finalist in the Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival.

Now it's time for the graphic novel to come to life!

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