After fleeing a never-ending war, a disillusioned soldier seeks refuge in the town of Gunpowder, only to find it overrun by demons. Now he must venture into the abandoned mines and confront the priest who summoned the demons and send them back to hell, before they can spread beyond the town’s border.

This is the concept trailer we shot for the feature length script.


Weary from fighting in a pointless war, Jacob abandons the fight to return home. On the way he becomes trapped in Gunpowder.


After disease swept through her home town, Olivia left to find medication but became trapped in Gunpowder.


Growing up in Gunpowder, Ezra fell into the Priesthood. Since the world started to crumble, she has become corrupted by demonic forces.


Herc is the backbone of Gunpowder. He is Ezra's uncle and raised her after her parents died.

The trailer has screened in festivals around the world and taken out awards. The script was a finalist in the Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival.

Now we need a budget to bring the feature film to life!

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