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After being unfairly dismissed, two down-on-their-luck misfits break into their former bosses house to get petty revenge. What starts out as harmless fun quickly leads to a bloody night of death and destruction that no one might survive.

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This black comedy follows Karla and Silvia who are fired by their unappreciative boss, Tessa. They get revenge by breaking into Tessa’s house and discover evidence of company embezzlement and blackmail.


Tessa returns home early and attacks the pair resulting in them restraining her and taking compromising photos.


Just when they think they can go their separate ways, things go from bad to worse. More people show up resulting in a bloody night that no one might survive.

Itchy Trigger Finger was awarded best screenplay at the 2021 Paris Liftoff Film Festival, and was a quarter finalist in the 2023 Creative Screenwriting UNIQUE VOICES Screenplay Competition.

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