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BRIE - played by Emily Rowbottom

Happy go lucky and full of attitude, Brie is unafraid to speak her mind. Especially when she’s with her best friend Abby, which is most of the time.

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ABBY - played by Stephanie Kutty

Abby grew up in a large household and is used to standing out in the crowd. She knows how to get her way and lacks a filter. She would not be where she is now without Brie at her side.

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MARCUS - played by Paris Moletti

A genuine nice guy who uses dating apps with the hope of starting a relationship. He’d be perfect for Brie if they’d met on any other night.

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HOLLY - played by Montana Jones

Unassuming and always excited, Holly is a pocket-rocket who is friends with everyone. She’s also a low-key drug dealer who is way too trusting. Things have a way of working out for her.

Matches - Tom.png

TOM - played by Regan Sharp

Abby's long-term boyfriend who's in a comfortable rut with his career and relationship. It’s probably time to pop the question, right?

Matches - Big Red.png

BIG RED - played by Emily Georgiou

Why Big Red? No one remembers and she takes it personally when Brie and Abby call her that. In her mind, they’re bullies and she’s jealous of their closeness.

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KEN - played by Trent Owers

Ken's a bit of a loner and outsider who sees himself as a “nice guy”. He imagines having relationships with various people; Abby included. When people dismiss him he becomes resentful and impulsive.

Matches - Aiden.png

AIDEN - played by James Carson

The ladies love him and he knows it. He posesses all the moves and wants to pass on his life advice to his brother, Cosmo.

Matches - Cosmo.png

COSMO - played by James Munn

There's nothing better than a surf followed by a night on the town. Picking up is easy and Cosmo loves going on the hunt with his big bro, Aiden.

Matches - Cody.png

CODY - played by Isaac Tibbs

He doesn't know how he got here or where he's going, but dammit he's going to have a good time doing whatever it is he does.

Matches - The MUZZ.png

THE MUZZ - played by Adam Couper

He'll shout everyone drinks, go behind the bar to pour them, then get kicked out because he doesn't work there. Long live The Muzz!

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